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It’s essential to maintain a good credit score as it plays a big role in getting access to financial products like loans and credit cards. However, despite best efforts, you may still get a bad score because of input errors, wrong entries, or miscalculations. These can be disputed but it will take time and energy to do – a luxury you may not have while juggling everyday work.

Repairing your credit score by yourself is a very challenging task, especially when you’re inexperienced and uninformed with the process itself. The recommended option is to employ the service of a credit repair agency.

Here are 4 benefits you’ll gain in working with a credit repair agency.

1. You leave things in the hands of a professional

Repairing your credit score isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to go through several processes, talk to different people, and handle various paperwork. Knowledge, time, and patience are the factors that must be on your side to get a positive result.

Hiring the experts at Repair Credit 101 guarantees results you won’t get using DIY methods. We have the resources and the experience to do the job faster and with more efficiency. By employing our services, you save time and avoid the headache of dealing with credit bureaus.

Fig. 1. Type of credit complaints raised by consumers
(Source: CentoLaw)

Sometimes, when you call a creditor to raise a concern, they’ll cite company policies or rules that will prevent you from extracting the information you need. This makes it harder to piece together the data required to prove the error you found in the report.

Credit repair experts are knowledgeable about federal laws that creditors follow. They understand how the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) work. They can leverage these in your favor and help get the credit score you deserve.

Other credit repair companies will randomly look for errors to tackle on the report. This method is ineffective because they’ll miss items that would have had a great impact on your score if they only gave attention to it. They’ll typically go for items that are easy to correct and leave those that will take more effort to fix.

Agencies like Repair Credit 101 work with better efficiency as we know how to strategically improve your credit score. We follow a systematic approach to make sure not a single error on your credit rating is left unchecked.

The success rate of credit repair agencies is high, but it’s still safe to shop for the best service that fits your budget. Repair Credit 101 offers one of the most competitive rates in the industry and covers numerous types of credit problems.

2. Better dispute tactics

Credit repair companies directly work with banks, lenders, government agencies, and credit companies. They don’t go through a customer service representative unlike when you call and raise a concern.

Additionally, credit repair agencies can analyze and scrutinize errors on your report much faster and more accurately than you can by yourself. They can easily look into your financial history and identify the things that got you into trouble. They’re also armed with more effective methods to verify the details on your credit report.

Using DIY credit repair methods is tedious and ineffective at improving your credit history if you do it the wrong way. You may even receive a result that won’t improve your score. It’s even possible to damage your credit history using DIY credit repair because you did not fully understand proper channels, regulations, and complexities of credit repair.

Since credit repair agencies have much more experience and knowledge to perform credit repair correctly, they can typically get better results and in a more efficient timeframe. Repair Credit 101 guarantee results within 90 days or you will get your money back.

3. You save time

Repairing your credit score by yourself can be tedious and time-consuming. You’ll have to challenge the questionable items against creditors and credit bureaus to find where the error came from. Solid proof is needed before credit agencies take proper action on your report.

The credit repair process requires specialized knowledge to execute the following tasks:

  • Gathering all related financial information.
  • Identifying the consumer protection laws that can be appropriately used for your credit situation.
  • Contacting your creditor and the credit bureau to raise concerns regarding the errors in your credit report.
  • Doing follow-up calls, choosing the right dispute methods, and processing all the paperwork.

There are even more responsibilities to attend to in clearing your credit report from errors. These can be overwhelming, especially if you have a daily job to attend to. It’d be wiser to leave the tasks at the hands of the professionals at Repair Credit 101.

Studying all the laws for the sake of disputing your credit record is a waste of time. Although you can get lucky with DIY methods and attain quick gains on your score, it won’t work all the time.

By letting a credit repair agency handle the job, you let them hold the reins and worry about how to get your score better. They’ll be responsible for analyzing records, reviewing reports, drafting letters, and doing follow-up correspondence. This gives you the time to handle other tasks and lets you spend hours on more productive activities.

4. You’ll save money in the future

Employing a credit repair agency like Repair Credit 101 comes at a small cost, but when you look at the lower loan rates you can apply for in the future, you’ll see that you’re saving more than what you’re paying for today. In fact, a .25% lower interest rate from a better credit score on a $250,000 mortgage over 30 years can save you $13,000 or more!

Fig. 2. The relationship between credit scores and interest rates
(Source: The Balance)

A bad credit score affects the way creditors view your capability to repay. You’ll have a hard time applying for a loan, and if you successfully get one, it will usually be at a higher rate and with stricter repayment terms than usual. Additionally, a poor credit rating can also affect your ability to rent an apartment, connect to a utility provider, or even land a job.

On the other hand, you’ll be offered the cheapest interest rates when you have a good credit score. You can even negotiate the loan terms since creditors will be more lenient, knowing you can repay the loan on time.

In a credit-driven system, financial reputation has a huge impact on your ability to conclude common types of transactions. So, if there’s a chance to repair your credit score, you should grab it and think about the future savings you’ll receive.


Disputing errors on your credit report can be physically and emotionally draining. The amount of time and energy you’ll spend just to see a few points recovered on your credit score might not be worth the effort to do things yourself.

Hiring a credit repair agency like Repair Credit 101 is the best option you have if you want to be more efficient in repairing your credit history. The service comes at a small cost, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the associated expenses for employing their expertise.

If you see errors in your credit report, but you lack the time or knowledge to dispute them and to do all the associated paperwork, you can get in touch with us and we’ll do the best we can to ensure the score you deserve.