Success Stories

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A Score of 700 After Collections Removal in 30 Days!

Our guaranteed credit repair service worked wonders for this client.

A collection on their Equifax report was removed, increasing their credit score by 43 points, and ultimately hitting the 700-mark just after 30 days of letting us handle it.

Bankruptcy Removed in Less Than 1 Month!

Tagged for bankruptcy and faced with 4 other negative entries on their account, this client had no chance of landing their mortgage goals. But thanks to Repair Credit 101’s affordable credit repair service, these inaccurate entries were removed within a month.

Now they’re back on the track towards home ownership!

Credit Score Increased by 46 Points in Just 30 Days!

The client found a collections account on their report and enlisted our affordable credit repair service to help them dispute the inaccurate entry. In just 30 days, the negative item was removed, giving the credit score a 46-point jump.

Collection Removed in Less Than 30 Days

There’s no limit to what Repair Credit 101 can do for your credit score.

In just 30 days, one of our clients had a collections account removed from their report. They’re now enjoying a clean record with zero derogatory marks, thanks to our guaranteed credit repair service.

Collection Removed in Less Than 30 days

A collections account is damaging to credit scores and the availability of financing options.

Thanks to our guaranteed credit repair service, we were able to remove all collections account for this client in just under a month. Now they’re able to apply for a mortgage without any trouble.